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Design ideas for AlbumStomp

Designing in AlbumStomp is a breeze!! But we thought we would share some tricks with you ­čÖé

Stomp group across the whole spread!

Select the images and drop them onto the page. Hit the space bar (or Mix it Up! button) and the design layout will change, or choose a different layout from the options on the right. Check it here!



Stomp group and one image!

So you didn’t like how the designs laid┬áout your images, no problem! You can split them up and put different groups or images on separate┬ápages instead of across the spread ­čÖé



Stomp group on one page. Opaque image on the opposite page!

Change the opacity of the image in the background. Then select the group and change the design layout for the group.


Stomp group on top of an opaque image!

To do this create your stomp group on the opposite page to where you want it. Move it as close to the center as your mouse will let you. Just don’t move your mouse on top of the background image because it will ask you to “Replace” or “Add” it.

Then using the shift and arrow keys until the image is fully on the page of where you want it.┬áHit the “c” key and it will center the image on the page ­čÖé


Have a play and see what designs you can do!

Happy Stomping!!

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