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Blogging, Albuming and Proofing. The whole lot in one glorious package while saving your hard earned ca$h.

Single User (2 Computers) Studio Pack (5 Computers)



Album Design and Proofing Pack


Single User (2 Computers) Studio Pack (5 Computers)



Individual Products

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What you’re buying!

For AlbumStomp and BlogStomp you’ll gain full, un-watermarked access to our amazing software apps.
And it’s a one-off purchase — it’s yours for as long as you’d like.

AlbumPrufr is a subscription-based service provided on You’ll be able to proof up to 20 albums and sync them directly with their design files in AlbumStomp.
AlbumPrufr subscriptions will auto-renew annually. If you’d prefer to not auto-renew, please drop us an email.

*The Activation Code ‘unlocks’ the trial app, which you’ve likely already downloaded and had a play with.
*Cannot combine discounts, otherwise we get extreme couponing going on. So sorry ;-)