Of Fires and Foxes

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Anyone out there use Firefox as your web browser?

#EmbarrassingConfessionTuesday (is that even a thing??)

I do.

I use Firefox. I use it all the time. And I know I should stop – a buddy of mine refers to it as “Netscape Navigator” every time it comes out that I still use it regularly. I know that it’s lacking and that there are much better alternatives out there like Chrome or Safari, but I still use it. All the same. Well, for some things, anyway.

But there are a small handful of things I definitely don’t use it for, and one of them is a pretty big deal.

I will not use Firefox to view images online. 

I mean, overall it’s a decent-enough browser. It will open a website and help you cruise Facebook like the rest of them. Text renders nicely, just like any other browser. But for viewing images online, it is literally the worst. Here’s what I mean ::

In all these images below, the left-hand side is a screen shot of Firefox and the right-hand side is a screen shot of Safari.

Artboard 5

Artboard 6

Artboard 7

Artboard 8

Artboard 4

In a few of these examples the difference may be subtle. But very much of the time, using a browser that isn’t color managed will have unpredictable (usually negative) results. To ensure your images look their best online, it is best to use a browser that has their color game on point.

For a more thorough look, click up this article from Arnaud Frich.

Happy Stomping!!

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

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“I’ll do it tomorrow


I literally said that to myself yesterday, in regards to writing this post.  So much for my resolution to stop procrastinating…

For many, January brings thoughts of a new start – initiating new, healthy habits and retiring old, destructive ones.  It’s a noble notion – expected, really – but it can be difficult.  The allure of broad, sweeping life changes or “Mt. Everest-sized” goals or resolutions can sometimes do more harm than good, as lofty, unattainable goals can lead to disappointment and back-sliding.

Changing the way we spend our days – even a small portion of our days – can be daunting.  Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we stay on top of things ::

  • Set manageable, realistic, and time-bound goals
  • Read said goals first thing each day, well before the distraction of email and/or social media
  • Share goals with a few close friends or colleagues who will help with accountability
  • Ask each other weekly how things are going
  • Celebrate the small victories

So let’s head into 2017 together and with purpose.  It will be exactly what we make it, so let’s make it awesome!

Happy Stomping!!

Whatever It May Hold

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It’s the last week of the year.  In 6 days we will write a new number at the end of the date.  On one hand, it’s about darned time – 2016 gave many of us some fits!  On the other hand, so many moments of 2016 were so very rich and sustaining for my soul that I can barely stand to see it go.

There’s a quiet this week, like that moment between the shifting of the wind, when leaves still and waters calm.  What was boisterous in the world a moment ago is now at peace, and the hustle of the new year has not yet begun.  We find ourselves between acts, processing what we’ve just seen and expectant about what is to come.

One of my favorite movies when my kids were younger was Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. At first glance it’s a fun, silly little film about a mysterious toy shop proprietor played by Dustin Hoffman and his young assistant played by Natalie Portman, whom he is grooming to take over his business.

But it’s the depth of the dialogue – specifically from Mr. Magorium to his apprentice – that struck the deepest chord with me.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to impart wisdom, he speaks truth to Molly Mahoney even in the unexpected moments.  In one exchange, just after they’ve set all the clocks in a shop forward to strike noon at the same time, Mr. Magorium speaks to this “between acts” time.

Mr. Magorium :: “37 seconds.”
Molly Mahoney :: “Great. Well done. Now we wait.”
Mr. Magorium :: “No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.”

Here in this last week of December it’s easy to let this week slip away without much attention.   For some, the temptation is to simply wait for the stroke of midnight this Saturday – to coast into the new year without purpose or intent.  For others the much stronger temptation is to plan and list and arrange and stress about everything which has not yet come.  Perhaps the proper approach is something different.  Perhaps the best approach is much more “Magoriumian” in nature.

And so we wait.  We breathe, we pulse, we regenerate, we beat, we create, and we ingest.  One week, well used, is a lifetime.

Which brings to mind one last Mr. Magorium quote to close :: “We must face tomorrow, whatever it may hold, with determination, joy and bravery.”

So bring it on, 2017.  In just short of one week’s time, we’ll be ready for you.

Happy New Year.

Hi! We’re the Girls!

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Did you know that females work here too???

Shock horror right!

Since we haven’t introduced ourselves before we thought it was high time we did so now.
Hi I’m Jeanette!

I didn’t realize that my degree in Psychology would lead me to work at a software company but here I am. I have a green thumb and I love my dogs more than most humans. I have three kids, including my hubby and I like to bake for them when I can find the time. I get to party while I photograph weddings with my husband here in Texas. I drink dark coffee like the developers I work with and I think that is key to my current success.  If you write in with a question or problem you will most likely hear from me at some point.  I am never more happy than when I get to help others.



Hi I’m Grace!

I’m a Kiwi girl from a small country at the bottom of the world called New Zealand (PS. the fruit is called Kiwifruit, Kiwi’s are people and birds, just saying). I get to work with Danny in his cave, it’s an experience for sure :). I’m a graphic designer and a photographer, which is pretty handy for working here. At high school I received excellence in calculus, really left field considering I’m a creative and probably only use basic math skills now. 1+1=window! (draw it). I have this weird love for trees and clouds, especially overcast about to rain clouds, they’re so dramatic and look awesome in photos! Someone once told me that that’s the romantic in me but honestly how many girls go looking at rain clouds?